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Tables in many shapes, styles
and functions

Gerrybuilt tables share the same basic construction techniques although they may vary greatly in appearance.

Tables are assembled using mortise and tenon joints and the table tops are secured to the leg and apron assembly with metal fasteners allowing for the natural expansion and contraction of the tops.

Optional drawers are dovetailed together and slide smoothly on waxed wood runners rather than using hardware.

The "Gigi" Table (right) is a wonderful piece for a hall or entryway, or for placing next to a sofa.

Gigi Table

"Gigi" Table in Cherry

Side Table

Small Cherry Side Table

Basic Table Design

The basic Gerrybuilt table features legs with an outside taper, and a table top with an underside bevel.

These elements were chosen to give the table's lines an upward movement and a sense of lightness. Though delicate in appearance, its solid wood construction makes it a very strong table.

This side table can be made in the appropriate dimensions for placement next to a futon, a bed or a sofa.

These same basic elements, correctly proportioned, can combine nicely in tables of any size.

Many people enjoy having a writing table rather than a desk. The desk table (right) can be suited to your specific needs - the height of your chair, the size of your computer monitor, etc. A small central drawer can be placed in the apron for storage of pens, paper clips and the like.

A larger version of this table would be suitable for dining.

Desk Table

Maple "Desk" Table

Coffee Table

Cherry Coffee Table

Coffee, anyone?

Why do we call these low tables "coffee" tables anyway? Whether used as a footrest, a dining table or a display area for your favourite photography books, these multi-purpose tables make lovely additions to any living room.

Gerrybuilt coffee tables enjoy the added protection of polyurethane on the top, allowing them to take the occasional abuse of the dreaded coasterless cup (though this is not recommended!)
Gerry Russo
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Updated 07/01/04

"Wood is good!"