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You need Rock to Roll

Ask any chef, solid polished granite is a wonder to work on. What better surface in the kitchen for rolling out pie crusts, pizza dough or general pastry preparation?

The kitchen island itself can take on many sizes and configurations of drawers and/or shelves. Seen here is a simple island with slatted shelves, but you can add a drawer, a towel rack, you name it.

Granite corner detail

Island Front View

Plenty of room for storage below.

Island apron detail

Traditional bead on the apron.

Take it for Granite

The table shown here is 35 inches high, 42 inches wide and 24 inches deep (front to back) The shelves each have 11 inches of clearance.

The granite top has a simple round over and rounded edges. There are several options available for the table top and the edge of the granite.

Gerrybuilt acquires the granite from Allstone, Inc. in Edmonton where there are a variety of colours available. Seen here is a dark gray granite called "Nero Impala."

Please note that due to the weight of these specialty tables, Gerrybuilt can only deliver them within a prescribed radius of the greater Edmonton area.

Did Somebody Say "Wood?"

Of course, granite isn't the be-all and end-all of kitchen work stations. Solid wood tops are also well suited for use in the kitchen (and they are kind to knife edges!). Maple is perhaps the most durable and attractive of North American species for this purpose.

Remember, you can have your say in how your island will look. The overall feel of the piece can range from more traditional country to modern minimalist.

Shelf Detail

Contemporary slatted shelves
with exposed screw heads.
Gerry Russo
(c) 1999-2006
Updated 07/01/04

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