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Storage Bench

If you do an internet search for "Deacon's Bench" you will find a host of styles, with or without storage. That is why this latest addition to the Gerrybuilt repertoire is simply called a "Storage Bench."

This was made for customers who wanted to grace an entryway with a charming and functional bench where they could stow their winter garments, books, or other items.

The approach in design was to make a bench that happened to be a storage box, rather than to make a box that you could sit on. This way, when you look at it, you can say "That's a bench!"

Storage bench

Solid Birch Storage Bench

Storage Bench

Storage area is over 10 inches deep.

Made to Last

The visible cleft in the lower case portion of the bench is to allow for seasonal expansion and contraction of the wood. This is very important, given the extremes in temperature and humidity that a piece such as this will experience in an entryway.

The upper and lower boards of the sides are independently mortise and tenoned into the legs, while they fit into one another with an unglued tounge and groove joint to allow for any movement.

The seat/lid is over one inch thick and can seat up to three adults.

The Charm of Birch

Birch was chosen for its durability and for its variation in colour. The "striping" seen in the back and seat portions are a result of the component boards coming from different parts of the tree.

Storage Bench

This bench is five feet wide.
Gerry Russo
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Updated 07/01/04

"Wooden it be nice!"