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The Place for Your Clothing.

Some people would call this a "dresser," others know it as a "bureau," and still others refer to it as a "chest of drawers." No matter how you call it, this piece is intended for storage of clothing.

Inspired by classic Shaker design, this dresser is made of solid cherry. The drawers are graduated in height - shallow to deep from top to bottom - and feature simple "mushroom" knobs. The drawers themselves have a solid cherry front and are made of maple on the interior, with a solid, unfinished pine bottom which gives them a pleasant scent.

The solid "table top" top of the dresser is a departure from traditional Shaker pieces, as is the classic ogee moulded edge.

6-drawer dresser

Six-Drawer Dresser.

Drawer Detail

Dovetailed drawers are both
attractive and strong.

Traditional Construction

The body of the dresser, or "carcass," is pieced together using dovetails and dado joints (pronounced "day-doe"). The drawers slide on wood frames built into the carcass and are further separated by dust panels so that nothing can fall between drawers. Wood guides mounted above each drawer ensure that they stay centered and slide smoothly.

As this detail shot shows, the drawers are all dovetailed together. This not only gives them strength, but it is attractive, especially when using contrasting woods like cherry and maple.

As you like it ...

This dresser measures 46 inches high, 34 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. The drawers range in depth from 7 3/4 inches at the bottom to 5 3/4 inches at the top.

These particular dimensions were requested by a client, however, these same techniques and solid hardwood construction can be used to produce dressers in any number of sizes and configurations.

As with most custom work, pricing depends on availability of wood and the complexity of any given piece. Contact Gerrybuilt for additional information.

3/4 view of dresser
Gerry Russo
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Updated 07/01/04

"A Dressier Dresser"