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Improve Your Reach

You could use a chair.

You could use a table.

You could use someone's back.

But none of these were made to help you reach those things just beyond your grasp, now were they?

That's why having a step stool is such a great convenience - something that we seem to have forgotten over the past century or so.

Step Stool

Maple Step Stool with Cherry Accent

Plant Stand, Speaker Stand ...

A beautiful natural wood step stool will not only help you reach up today, but later on it can be used as a plant stand, or a speaker stand, or even as a foot rest.

They can be made to suit your specific needs and can easily be tucked away.

Such a simple thing, and it has so many possibilities! Maybe step stools will be the "must have" accessory of the 21st century!

Step Stools Stacked

Stacked Step Stools

Step Stools Side View

Think of it as a small table!
Gerry Russo
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Updated 07/01/04

"Not Run of the Mill"