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So you can't stand TV?

Get something that can!

Maybe a full-blown entertainment centre or armoir isn't for you.

Maybe you're looking for a sturdy table that will position your TV and its various components right where you'd like them and at just the right height for that comfy couch of yours.

Maybe you'd like a similar piece for your stereo components but can't find exactly what you need.

Well you've come to the right place.

Seen here is a table for a TV / VCR setup.

TV / VCR Stand

Solid birch table with shelf.

Birch TV/VCR Stand

Wires could be bundled and hidden
behind a leg.

Form and Function

This example is an extremely simple table with straight legs and some minimal rounding of the corners on the top.

This kind of table, however, would lend itself nicely to the Arts & Crafts style.

Tapering the inside of the legs under the shelf might give a Shaker feel to the piece. Imagine that - a Shaker TV stand!

Think ahead!

Not only is this table likely to outlast any high tech equiptment you store on it, but it will still be a useful piece of furniture long after TVs and VCRs are nothing more than curiosities in museums.
Gerry Russo
(c) 1999-2006
Updated 07/02/04

"Take a stand!"