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This just in. . .

Below are photos and descriptions of recently commissioned furniture and other pieces made for display in shops. Currently there are two Recent Work pages. You can navigate between them with the links below.

If something on these pages interests you, or you have any questions about what you see, don't hesitate to contact Gerrybuilt.

Recent Work Page One

Recent Work Page Two

Maple Desk

This desk was inspired by the Arts & Crafts design of the early 20th century. It is constructed of solid maple and features bird's-eye maple drawer fronts and vertical slats. The panels are made of maple veneer plywood.

The desk measures 54 inches wide and 28 inches deep, providing ample space for writing, for keeping books, for computer placement and so forth. The drawers are graduated in depth with the lower drawer being the deepest.

Maple Desk

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Parkallen Table

Parkallen Table with Slate Insert.
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Parkallen Table

Inspired by Arts & Crafts design, I recently crafted this table out of cherry and black walnut. I chose to incorporate slate into the top, thinking that the copper patina green colour of the stone would contrast nicely with the ruddy cherry frame.

The base of the Parkallen Table is made of 24 interlocking pieces of wood. The open framework of the table's aprons and gentle curved taper of the legs give the table a light open feel reminiscent of Japanese design.

This table stands 25.5 inches high and the square top is 15.5 inches on each side. The slate insert is 8.5 inches square.

SOLD at The Alberta Craft Council Gallery. $800

Latest Funky Table

I like the contrast of maple and walnut (the two work well in ice-cream, too!). This latest table features both of these North American species.

The top is made of bird's-eye maple with a walnut accent while the base features curvy and flared solid maple funky legs and arched black walnut aprons. It stands 26" high, the top measures roughly 30" x 18".

SOLD at The Alberta Craft Council Gallery. $750

New Funky Table

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Arts & Craft Single Bed

Maple Arts & Crafts inspired Bed.
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Bed Time!

Many people are drawn to the structural beauty of the Arts & Crafts style, also known as "Craftsman," or "Mission" style. This single bed is made of solid maple. As a subtle accent, the vertical slats are made of bird's-eye maple.

A bed should be made as you like it: with or without a footboard, high enough for under-bed storage, or low enough to accommodate a box spring.

When I make a bed, I use traditional joinery and modern hardware which allows the bed to be moved easily without compromising strength.

Cherry Dresser

This dresser is made of three different species of wood. The primary wood is cherry which is seen on all external surfaces, the secondary woods are maple, which is used for internal structural parts such as the drawer frames and drawer sides, and pine which is used for the drawer bottoms.

Care was taken in selection of the wood for the drawer fronts which are bookmatched. The top two drawers are made of a single piece of wood so that there is a continuity of the flow of the grain.

It measures 46"h x 34"w x 21"d. For a more detailed description and additional photos, visit the Dressers page.

3/4 view of dresser

Cherry Six-drawer Dresser

Bird's-eye Maple Dresser

Maple dresser with bird's-eye maple drawer fronts (left). Gerry Russo (right).

Bird's-eye Maple - go figure!

The light colour of maple has recently made a come-back in flooring, cabinetry and indeed in furniture. Maple is wonderfully tight grained and is more typically subtly figured.

Various "types" of maple exist, however: tiger maple, curly maple, bird's-eye maple and so on. While they are all the same species of wood, these are classifications of grain patters that can occur in trees that can be used as stunning accents for furniture.

Seen here is a recently commissioned maple dresser with bird's-eye maple drawers. (Yes, that's me standing next to it). I have also made an armoire with this same use of bird's-eye that can be seen on the Armoire page.
Gerry Russo
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