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This Prairie ain't Plain

Born out of a philosophy of simplicity, Gerrybuilt's "Prairie Collection" of tables features legs with an outside taper that reverses itself - this is known as an "incanted" leg.

There are two variations on this look: the outer portions of the legs can narrow to a point that is either one third, or two thirds of the way to the floor. The inner faces of the legs remain straight to convey a sense of solidity and stability.

The table top is cut with a slight upward angle that continues the flare which starts at the narrowest point in the legs.

Prairie Legs Detail

Solid incanted Legs.

Name your height

Prairie 24 inch Table

Perfect for next to a couch.

The Prairie look can be used for coffee tables or night tables which are usually something on the order of 17 inches high.

For next to a couch or lounge chair, a height of anywhere from 22 to 26 inches is preferred.

Don't let these numbers get in the way, though. You can have a table made to suit your particular needs. All you need do is ask.

Seen here is a 24 inch high maple table with a 19 inch square top.

As you can imagine, you can have this style of table made of cherry, maple or birch. Don't hesitate to ask about other North American species as well, or perhaps a mixture of species.

Be certain to check out the Prairie Collection's up-country cousin, the Foothills Line.

Prairie 17 inch Table

Small Cherry Coffee Table
Gerry Russo
(c) 1999-2006
Updated 07/02/04

"Made in Alberta"