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Onda means "wave"

Onda is a series of one of a kind tables which share certain features.

The most notable feature is the wave form cut from the apron: at times a single wave and at times an abstract undulating form.

There is no contact between the legs and the table top, rather, the top rests on the aprons. This gives the table a lightness and open feeling when viewed from the side.

The legs have flared feet - at times solid as in this case, at times tapered like those in the Foothills tables. The very tops of the legs are faceted like a gem stone.

Onda table

The first of a series.

Onda table top

The bowed edges of the table top
give a sense of fullness.

Curvaceous top

In keeping with the curvy feel of the table, the top has a bowed edge on every side. In this case with a square top and symmetrical bow, the top resembles an old television screen.

The edge itself has an upward angle that continues the tapered flare of the legs.

This series features mixed species tables as in this piece which is made with white maple legs, black walnut aprons, and a curly maple top. There will likely be single species pieces as well which will play on the colour variation one naturally finds in wood.

Onda apron detail

Wave pattern of the apron, hence the name: "Onda."
Gerry Russo
(c) 1999-2006
Updated 12/04/04

"A wave is energy"