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Tastefully Functional

What exactly is an "entertainment centre," anyway?

At the risk of stating the obvious, an entertainment centre is a case or cabinet built with the intended fuction of housing television, stereo and any of a host of components that are used to provide audio or video entertainment.

It is quite often used for storage of media as well - CDs, videocassettes, record albums (remember those?) and the like.

Entertainment Centre

Custom built maple entertainment centre.

Entertainment Centre

Open the doors for TV and stereo.

Suit yourself

You could certainly consider a bookcase an entertainment center for obvious reasons, and structurally they are birds of a feather.

Shelves, doors, and drawers sized and arranged to suit your equiptment and your individual needs.

The various elements of this particular unit were arranged by customers with very specific components in mind and an excellent idea for CD storage.

Tucked away

An efficient alternative to lining CDs side by side like books is to use a drawer-based system. Here, each drawer contains three rows of CDs which stand vertically to allow for browsing.

Remarkably, these six drawers can store over seven hundred discs! To store this many CDs on a conventional rack would require well over thirteen square feet of wall space. Here, the CDs occupy just over five square feet and they are conveniently stowed out of sight.

Entertainment Centre

Full extension drawers for easy access.

Entertainment Centre

Solid, traditional joinery.

Traditional joinery and styling, combined with contemporary hardware selected by the customers make for a handsome and functional piece of furniture.

Hardware options for entertainment centres that do not appear on this unit include a pull-out and swivel TV shelf, pocket doors which can be tucked out of the way after they are opened, and glass doors.

Please note, the Gerrybuilt shop is not tooled-up to construct centers deeper than 24 inches and will not make units that include lighting.
Gerry Russo
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Updated 07/01/04

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