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Hold it!

That's exactly what these handsome desk accessories do with your pen and pencil. Each holder is made of a solid block of wood (maple, cherry, or birch) and has two separate storage areas.

They are finished with polyurethane and buffed with paste wax.


$12 sm $14 lg + GST.

Maple Pen Holder

Maple Pen Holder

Business Card Holders

Yet again, it is demonstrated that necessity is the mother of invention. I was looking for something to hold Gerrybuilt business cards when it dawned on me to make my own, rather than buy one of the plastic ones available on the market.

You put a lot of time and energy into the design of your business cards and the image of your business in general. What better way to dress up that image than with these solid cherry business card holders?

There are a number of shapes available. From top to bottom, they are "Round," "Ovoid" and "Arrow." Custom shapes are also available.


Card holders are $10.50 + GST.

Round Holder
Ovoid Holder
Arrow Holder

Business Card Holders
Gerry Russo
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Updated 07/02/04

Wood is Good!