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Waste not, ... want!

In an effort to reduce needless waste, the Gerrybuilt woodshop is pulling aside all scrap wood and wood shavings. These byproducts of production can be re-used and need not take up precious space in our landfills.

If you live in the greater Edmonton area, contact Gerrybuilt about obtaining some.


As the name implies, wood scraps are the oddball pieces which can't be reworked and used by the shop. They have been pulled aside and await a suitable home. Since they are made from kiln-dried, low moisture content lumber, they are excellent kindling for fireplaces, wood stoves, campfires and the like. They are also great for hobbies and crafts. These scraps are always available. Contact Gerrybuilt for details.

Shavings galore

In the process of milling rough-cut lumber, copious quantities of wood shavings and dust are produced. This is also a reusable resource and has been pulled aside at the shop.

Note that shavings are produced from milling lumber only and will be free from waste matter produced when processing materials like plywood and MDF.

Still life with shavings

Bedding: Some people use shavings for bedding small animals. However, be advised 1) there is a certain percentage of dust content; and 2) some animals have allergies to the shavings of certain species of tree.

Compost: Wood shavings are useful in composting by providing much needed "brown material" that should be mixed together with the "green material" produced by the composting household. Shavings are available free of charge. Contact Gerrybuilt for details.
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Updated 07/02/04

"Reuse, don't refuse!"