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Tabletop CD Racks

Tabletop CD racks are an attractive convenience.

Ever have a party and find that your CDs get stacked and piled in various places rather than put back in their proper place? Maybe you have a compact stereo in another part of the house and another stack of CDs sitting there, too. Then there are the CDs at the computer work station.

The tabletop CD rack is a perfect solution as a temporary holding place for CDs you are listening to frequently, or for the ones you are using to create that perfect atmosphere at a party and don't have the time to put back in their usual storage place.

The racks are 14 inches long, allowing for storage of over 30 CDs. They fit nicely on top of standard 17 inch wide CD players, too.

Their slight angle allows gravity to stop your CDs from falling over and keeps them neatly arranged next to one another.

Racks are currently available in cherry and black walnut. Upon request, they can also be made in maple.

Price: $40
Gerry Russo
(c) 1999-2006
Updated 07/02/04

"Rack 'em up!"