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The Natural Beauty of Wood

Are you still using a piece of white plastic to prepare your meals? Why not introduce some natural color to your kitchen with a Gerrybuilt solid hardwood cutting board?

Made from alternating pieces of solid maple and cherry, these striking kitchen work surfaces are elegant and simple in shape and form. And each board is as unique as the wood it is made of.

What's more, these cutting boards are ideal for serving bread, cheese, or cut vegetables.

Bread & Board

Serving up some homemade bread.

Funky Shapes!

The "Slice of Bread" and "Artist Palette." What better way to serve up your own home baked bread and culinary creations!

Slice of Bread Artist Palette

Additional Examples and Care Instructions

Click here for Cutting Board Care and to see additional images of Gerrybuilt cutting boards.


Cutting boards are priced as follows. Note, measurements are approximate, actual size of boards will vary. All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Prices are subject to change.

Small (4" x 8"):

Medium (6" x 10"):

Long (7" x 18"):

Large (9" x 15"):

Special Shapes (10" x 12"):

Extra Large (10" x 18"):







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"You should never be cutting bored!"