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Everyday is Boxing Day

A lot of furniture pieces are actually elaborate boxes - dressers, armoirs, bookcases, even some tables - all of these share common features with what we could easily identify as a box both structurally and in function.

The example shown here was for a customer who needed storage for audio cassettes - 180 of them, and she only had 22 inches of width to store them in.

It was clear from the get-go that there would need to be two layers of cassette tapes in the box so that it wouldn't be too deep front to back.

Birch Cassette Box

Solid birch with removable dividers.

Split-level Box

One box is the other's lid!

Two Boxes in One

Rather than being a deep box with an inset tray for the upper layer of tapes, this box was made as a stack of two boxes.

The horizontal line where the two boxes come together echoes the design of the storage bench which was made for the same customers (see The Bench page).

Versatility for the future

The dividers in each part of the box are removable so that some day, if the box should be used to store something other than it was intended for, larger items may be stored in it.

We all need to store things, so why not do it with the natural beauty of wood? Let Gerrybuilt make a box to suit your needs.

Birch Box

Dovetailed for strength.
Gerry Russo
(c) 1999-2006
Updated 07/02/04

"Wooden it be nice."