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A Maple Bookcase

This solid maple bookcase measures 6 ft. high, 6 ft wide, and 18 inches deep. Though a standard bookcase is typically 11 or 12 inches deep, this one was designed to accommodate particularly deep books. (Pun intended.)

There is one fixed shelf and three adjustable shelves per side. The bookcase stands on six legs, features gentle arches and a solid top. The back of the case is made of a birch plywood. It is finished with latex polyurethane.

Maple Bookcase
Bookcase Top

Details of the tapered leg and bead on the apron (right)
and the oversized face frame (above).

Bookcase Leg

Made to order ...

Note that this is just one bookcase and that there are many different ways to combine design features to make one that will suit both your needs and your decor. Contact Gerrybuilt to discuss designs and costs of a bookcase, cabinet, or entertainment centre that will be uniquely yours.

Here are photos of three more cases, each with its own function and place. All are made of solid poplar.

Painted BookcaseUtility Case
Child's Painted Bookcase

Above: A painted Child's bookcase measuring 3 ft. high; Far Left: A painted "Lowboy" bookcase 42 inches wide; Left: an unfinished "Utility" case for the Gerrybuilt shop 50 inches wide and 42 inches high.
Gerry Russo
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Updated 12/10/04

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