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Make a Statement

The Arts & Crafts style is enjoying a new-found popularity in recent years.

Originally developed in the earlier part of this century, it is also known as the Craftsman Style, or Mission Style. It has interesting origins and numerous influences, and it is rooted in certain social, political, and artistic movements of the time.

This bold design seems to say "I am sturdy and I am strong!"

Arts & Crafts Table

Arts & Crafts Style Table in Maple

Arts & Crafts Table

Stash books or magazines below.

Something Old, Something New

This side table was designed at the request of customers who wanted to incorporate some of the design features of the Arts & Crafts Style into something appropriate for their decor.

This particular table stands 22" high and has a 24" square top.

Note that the vertical spindles were grouped toward the middle of the sides to open the interior space to more light.

The same customers also commissioned the round coffee table with a cross pedestal base shown here to the right. It measures 15 inches high and has a 33 inch diameter.

The dimensions were chosen to compliment the side table above. Again, the vertical slats were spaced to open up the interior.

You will note that both tables are made of maple and not the traditional quarter sawn oak.

Arts & Crafts Table

Round Coffee Table with
Cross Pedestal Base

Arts & Crafts Table

Livingroom accented by Gerrybuilt

Together, these two tables accent this room wonderfully with their light color and bold structure.

They are finished with Danish oil, and for added durability and protection, both table tops are coated with polyurethane, hand rubbed to a satiny smooth finish.

Read Up!

The development of this - or any other style for that matter - makes for interesting reading. If you are so inclined, look into this at your local library or book store.
Gerry Russo
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Updated 07/02/04

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