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A free-standing closet.

Originally meaning a place to store weapons and armour, the term "armoire" these days is used to describe what is basically a free-standing closet. Though they are most often used for storing clothes elsewhere in the world, in North America it is perhaps more common to find armoires used for televisions, stereos, and other electronic equipment - in which case we call them "entertainment centres."

The main feature of an armoire are the front doors which can be full length or extend down to an external drawer or drawers. Upon opening the doors, you can find either a completely open space with a closet pole for hanging clothes, or some combination of hanging space, internal drawers or shelving.

Seen here in these shop photos is a maple armoire with beautifully figured bird's-eye maple accents in the door panels and the drawer fronts. Inside are four additional drawers and two secret compartments that are accessed by removing one of the drawers.

Customize an armoire to suit your needs: choose the wood you prefer and the configuration of doors, drawers and shelves. That's the beauty of having furniture made for exclusively for you.

Maple Armoire with bird's-eye accents

Elegant and meticulously crafted.
76" h x 46" w x 20" d

Interior drawers of the maple armoire

No hardware on the interior drawers saves space: less room is needed for the front doors to close.

Armoire Hardware

Your choice of hardware personalizes and adds character to any piece.
Gerry Russo
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Updated 12/13/04

"Furniture to last for generations"